Yoga/Pilates Socks


Katie Mac

I go to Pilates, it’s a pretty big class and so everyone wears socks; not a bare foot in sight which is understandable as a large class like that could create some aroma!

As you can guess normal socks aren’t much good. You’ll be slipping and sliding with particular poses so socks with a grip on the sole is a must but which style is best?

I decided to try out a few different styles/brands which are all available from my shop: Tights Dept. Please note that this is not a biased view, all items are available in my store so no disadvantages.

1. ToeSox: Low Rise Full-Toe

The first pair I tried was from ToeSox, a leading brand of pilates/yoga socks. I chose to go with their low rise enclosed toe.

Difficult to put on, getting your toes into each toe was a bit of a struggle, but once…

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